Detailed Information on Our Abrasive Anti-Slip Tapes

Occasionally a customer asks what the “grit size” is for our self-adhesive Safety Grip abrasive anti-slip tapes. The numbers are mostly irrelevant for reasons discussed below, but here they are together with their wet Pendulum Test Values (PTV):

Standard Safety Grip is roughly equivalent to 60 grit abrasive paper: wet PTV = 71 (using TRL soft rubber slider)

Coarse Safety Grip is like 36 grit paper: wet PTV = 80 (TRL soft rubber slider)

Extra coarse Safety Grip is like 24 grit paper: wet PTV = 80 (TRL soft rubber slider)

Larger numbers correspond to smaller grit particles since the numbers correspond to the spacing of a wire mesh — e.g. 60 wires per inch — used to separate fine particles. For instance, 60 mesh has a sieve opening of 0.0098 inches, or 0.25 mm.

Higher PTV corresponds to better slip resistance. There are recommended minimum wet PTV’s for many different situations: dry floors, bathrooms, swimming pool decks, outdoor steep ramps, etc.

For anti-slip surfaces, grit size in regards to anti-slip tape is less important than slip resistance, as measured by wet Pendulum Test Value (PTV), plus durability. Too heavy a coating on top of any abrasive destroys its effectiveness by drowning the sharp points that provide wet traction. Our technology and quality control, together with use of tough aluminum oxide particles (much more durable than silica sand, which has brittle points that soon break under wear from pedestrian traffic) result in high slip resistance as well as excellent durability. In making our non-skid tapes, static electricity is used to help keep the sharp points upward.

Detailed data are here for Standard, Coarse, and Extra Coarse Safety Grip anti-slip tapes. With a wet PTV of 71 (soft rubber slider), the slip resistance of our Standard anti-slip tape is adequate for nearly every situation. Coarse and Extra Coarse anti-slip tapes normally only need to be called on for frost, mud, very steep grades, pushing heavy loads, and construction and agricultural equipment. 

Information is included on RAL color reference (which, of course, means  Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung), which can be related to the Pantone matching system.

Also included are instructions on how to apply the non-skid tapes. A wooden edge roller, widely available, can be helpful. Anti-slip tapes are available from Safety Direct America in widths up to 46” and lengths of 300–328 feet. Custom lengths and widths need to be ordered by email, but standard sizes can conveniently be ordered online at using a credit card.

The Extra Coarse also has modified adhesive for low-energy surfaces like powder coat and extra resin coats to increase durability.

In many cases it is more effective to use an anti-slip paint or transparent anti-slip floor coating rather than anti-slip tape, so that 100 percent of the surface is covered — not leaving open spots where someone can slip. We offer anti-slip paints in 9 colors, but our SparkleTuff™ clear glossy abrasive anti-slip floor coating lets the beauty of the floor shine through. SparkleTuff™ anti-slip floor coating can maintain its wet slip resistance after 1,000,000 people have walked across it, meaning it will last many years in lower-traffic situations. It is cleanable and highly resistant to chemical attack!

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