Bath-Safe 21 and SolidStepCote Anti-Slip Bath and Shower Treatment

Professionally applied and monitored, transparent Bath-Safe 21 anti-slip bathtub and shower treatment (non-abrasive) and our SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip and SolidStepCote (abrasive) anti-slip bath coatings help prevent slip and fall accidents in baths, showers, and jacuzzis at hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, elderly-care homes, and health clubs. (Sorry, we don’t treat tubs or showers in private homes, but for a do-it-yourself option, please see our Anti-Slip Tapes page or our Do-It -Yourself Clear Anti-Slip Abrasive Coatings page.) Our slippery tub solution Bath-Safe 21 slip and fall prevention service is ideal for acrylic, porcelain, coated pressed steel, marble and granite surfaces. Our SparkleTuff Anti-Slip and SolidStepCote clear abrasive non-skid bath treatments will work just about anywhere that isn’t waxed, including tile, stone, rock, wood, and any type of bathtub, shower, or ANY area that gets wet in use. Don’t just anti-slip your baths, get them tested afterwards as well. That way you KNOW they’re safe!

We’ll leave you with peace of mind knowing that not only have your baths and showers been TREATED for slip resistance, but they’ve been TESTED as well so that you are now armed with a professional engineer-stamped and certified report of the slip resistance test results after our anti-slip treatment. Check out our 40 second video towards the top and to the right of this page showing how our slippery tub solution works…

We offer abrasive and non-abrasive anti-slip bath and non-slip shower treatments, so we can help you with whichever solution you desire. What we offer that is light years above our competition is reliable slip resistance testing after treatment certified by a registered professional engineer. We will test your slippery baths after making them non-skid with the latest reliable official slip resistance test method – the ANSI B101.3 dynamic coefficient of friction test. If you desire rock-solid protection against fraudulent lawsuits after our anti-slip bath or shower application, we can come back to run periodic slip resistance testing/monitoring of your non-skid baths and provide you with a regular certified test report.

Don’t wait for a lawsuit — bathtubs can be dangerous places for a slip to occur with glass doors, fixed metal faucets, and mirrors all around them — give us a call and anti-slip your baths and showers today…and get certified slip resistance test reports of the results. Join the hundreds of hotels around the world that have had our anti-slip bath treatments applied to their bathtubs and showers…and gain peace of mind!