Floor Slip-Resistance Test Instruments

At Safety Direct America, we are discount sellers of slip-resistance and coefficient of friction measuring devices for floors. If you have any questions about floor testing instruments or would like to place an order, please contact us online or call us directly at 1-949-933-6971. We specialize in floor slip resistance testing and road skid resistance testing services, both in the lab and in the field.

KSS British pendulum tester for sale

Pendulum Slip Resistance Tester

The pendulum is presently used for measuring pedestrian slip resistance in at least 50 nations on five continents. This machine is endorsed by the Ceramic Tile Institute of America and has an American test method for its use – ASTM E303. We recommend the pendulum for reliable results.
$5880.00 (delivered to you within the lower 48 states)
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BOT-3000E Slip Resistance (COF) Tester

BOT-3000E Floor Slip Resistance Tester

The BOT-3000E (Binary Output Tribometer) can measure both static and dynamic coefficient of friction with a variety of test sliders in both wet and dry conditions. It also provides a printed record of test parameters and results which can strengthen courtroom credibility. Available with sliders of SBR, Four S, TRL, and leather.
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Tortus 3 Tribometer

Tortus III Slip Resistance Tester

The Tortus measures directly the dynamic co-efficient of friction as it traverses a surface or flooring material to be used by pedestrians The measurements recorded are dale/time stamped and can be printed from an integral printer, or downloaded as datafiles onto a USB memory stick.
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SlipAlert Slip Resistance Tester

SlipAlert Slip Resistance Tester

SlipAlert is the new British Standard slip test. It measures the slipperiness of a floor in order to assess whether it is safe. SlipAlert has been specifically designed to simulate a real slip and to correlate with the TRL Pendulum. SlipAlert is very portable, comes in a handy carry case and comes with the support you need to significantly reduce slip risks in your business.
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*phone 1-949-933-6971 or email us for current price; may vary with U.S. dollar. Need help deciding? Here are the different tribometers [slip test meters] compared.

The BOT-3000E is specified for the ANSI A137.1 DCOF wet slip resistance test (or “AcuTestSM“) that is required for indoor ceramic tile by the current International Building Code (2012), as well as the ANSI B101.1 (SCOF) and B101.3 (dynamic coefficient of friction) slip tests. With it’s ability to measure both static and dynamic friction, and with “smart” sensors, it is the latest in floor friction technology.

Ceramic Tile Institute of America endorses the Tortus and the Pendulum. In a study of nine types of tribometers at the University of Southern California Medical Center in which slip-and-fall experts from around the world participated, the Tortus received the highest rating; click here for details.

The pendulum is presently used for measuring pedestrian slip resistance in at least 49 nations on five continents.

SlipAlert has had very favorable reviews from British and Australian government safety research agencies, and now has an official British slip test standard.

The static coefficient of friction method ASTM C 1028-07 is principally used for manufacturing quality control purposes rather than assessing slip resistance, but is sometimes specified as a poor indicator of slip resistance. This test method has now been officially and permanently withdrawn by the ASTM.

We recommend using the Tortus or pendulum test, as these slip test devices are more reliable, used in many nations with tons of slip and fall research to back their safety standards, and are recommended for slip resistance by Ceramic Tile Institute of America. We also recommend the BOT-3000E, as it has official ANSI test methods and safety standards based on slip and fall research as well.

Here you will find a comparison of these tribometers/slip resistance test meters. Call 1-800-988-6721 to order your instrument now.