5 Tips For Preventing Bathroom Slips

Anti-slip Rubber Mat for the Bathroom

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most dangerous and costly causes of injuries around the world. And among places where such accidents happen, the bathroom is the most common by a wide margin. To help you protect yourself and your family, your friends at Safety Direct America have put together a few suggestions for preventing slips and falls in the bathroom.

  1. Keep It Dry

Once you’ve finished showering or bathing, make sure to get the floor dry. People often slip in their own wet footprints, so don’t take that risk.

  1. Install Grab Bars

It’s much easier to prevent a fall if you can instinctively reach out and grab a bar or railing. They are especially helpful for elderly individuals who find maneuvering in the bath or shower difficult

  1. Apply Anti-Slip Tapes

One of Safety Direct America’s specialties, an anti-slip tape will allow anyone to move around in the shower with confidence, as your feet will always have a firm grip to keep you secure. In fact, anti-slip tapes and anti-slip floor coatings can be applied over bathroom floors to drastically reduce slip risk.

  1. Illuminate It

Any place in the bathroom where water might pool should be well lit, particularly at night. A nightlight to help visitors find the bathroom light in the dark is a great investment.

  1. Throw Out the Throw Rug

People are often surprised to learn how much floor rugs contribute to bathroom falls. This is usually because the rug fails to grip a tile floor and slips out from underneath people. If you really want one, make sure it will adhere to the floor, even if you need to secure it yourself.

Safety Direct America is absolutely committed to stopping preventable slips and falls. For more information, or to view our products and services, visit our homepage or call anytime.