Travel and Dining Apps, Websites Report on Slippery Floors

Think no one notices that your business has slippery floors? Check out web sites and apps like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Customers are likely to report slippery floors, and this could attract scammers. (Some of the reports may even be posted by scammers in preparation for their next score!) You don’t need that kind of publicity.

A search of for “Slippery floors” recently included reports of a roadhouse in Austin, TX; a harbourside restaurant in East Greenwich, Rhode Island; an Italian restaurant in Turnersville, NJ; a hotel in Louisville, KY; and tourist destinations in Australia, Peru, Greece, Dominican Republic, England, Mexico, Indonesia, and numerous other countries. Actress Eva Longoria’s popularity didn’t prevent her spectacular restaurant Beso in Hollywood from being sued for an alleged slip and fall. The most beautiful floors are often the most slippery when wet from tracked-in rain, raincoat or umbrella drips, or spills.

If you are “under notice” that you have slippery floors, you need to remediate your floors so there are no slips that are caused by your negligence. “Under notice” means that you knew, or should have known, that the floor was slippery when wet or greasy (say near a restaurant kitchen), or under other frequently-occurring conditions. If there have been complaints or known slips, you knew. If your company is a large one, your maintenance team should reasonably have known even if you didn’t.

Make sure that new flooring is suitable for its intended use before it’s installed with a slip resistance test and that its slip resistance will stand up under wear from heavy foot traffic. If it’s too late for that, there are numerous ways of remediating a slippery floor. You can apply anti-slip tapes or a do-it-yourself transparent anti-slip coating. Periodic (quarterly or annual) monitoring/testing of slip resistance by Safety Direct America can help establish that you are using due diligence. Phone or email us now to discuss floor slip resistance testing and possible fixes for your floor.