The Dangers of Falling at an Older Age

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How Serious a Fall Can Be for People of an Older Age

One out of three older individuals will fall amounting to millions of injuries. One of the 5 falls results in a serious injury and many do not inform their doctors. Why is this such a concern? Due to the fact that the older your body becomes the most difficult it becomes to bounce back from a serious injury. The cost of a fall is high not only when it comes to hospital bills but your overall health.

Fall-Related Injuries

Individuals who take a nasty fall suffer from broken bones and head injuries. Thousands of older people are admitted to the hospital every year for these head injuries and more specifically, hip fractures. For those who have suffered hip fractures, the cause of them are due to falls.
The effects of falls can lead to lasting pain for years to come such as pain in the areas they have injured. There are the most serious effects such as suffering head trauma which can become fatal when coupled with medications already in their body, such as blood thinners.
Psychological effects also occur, the fear of falling once more will lead to reduced activity. Lack of exercise can increase the odds of falling since it makes them weaker.

Factors that Increase the Chances of Falling

Everyday individuals are faced with conditions that cause accidents. For the elderly, there are a few that pertain to their group.
As stated before, lack of exercise weakens bodies making them prone to falling. Vitamin D deficiency also contributes to the weakening of bodies as they grow older. Overall problems with standing or walking increase the chances of falling.
Medications that lower your ability to function such as tranquilizers or sedatives will contribute to a fall as well. Check your medications for side effects relating to balance or ability to walk.
Homes have hazards such as slippery floors, uneven tiles or areas, as well as decorations such as ottomans and rugs. Install hand rails on the bathroom and stairways to ensure there is something to hold when navigating around the home.

Slip Floor Coating

Anti-Slip coating can work wonders in the home or retirement homes to ensure all residents do not suffer from a fall. Look at Safety Direct America for your slip floor coating.

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