BOT-3000E Expanded Kit (XK) Floor Slip Resistance Tester


BOT-3000E Binary Output Tribometer with SBR sliders. Includes case, wetting agent, charger, Tablet with case, reconditioning tool, and paper tape. Test your floors for slip resistance using B101.1 static coefficient of friction (SCOF) or ANSI B101.3/A137.1/A326.3 dynamic (DCOF) testing.


The BOT 3000E digital output tribometer (slip resistance/COF tester) measures both Static and Dynamic (ANSI A326.3, ANSI B101.3 and ANSI A137.1) Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) and provides a printed record of slip test parameters and results. Please call George at (800)988-6721 with any questions. The “expanded kit” for this slip meter includes two SBR rubber sliders, case, charger, Samsung Galaxy 8 Tablet with silicone protective case, two rolls of paper tape, plus a slider re-conditioner, extra battery pack, a 4GB memory stick, a collapsible bucket, two squeeze bottles, and surfactant (for running ANSI B101.3/A137.1). This floor coefficient of friction tester is the latest to be in the International Building Code (IBC), and the ANSI A137.1 floor slip test has replaced the old withdrawn ASTM C1028 SCOF test. The “standard kit” (which included less items) is no longer available from the manufacturer.

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