Floor Slip-Resistance Test Instruments

We are discount sellers of the below slip-resistance and coefficient of friction measuring devices for floors.

Budgetary prices for these instruments from Safety Direct America:
            BOT-3000E $6195.00 - video demonstration, more information
            Pendulum $6458.00* - video demonstration, more information
            SlipAlert $3675.00* - video demonstration, more information
            Tortus $6598.00* - video demonstration, more information
*phone 949-582-0889 or email George Sotter for current price; may vary with U.S. dollar. FREE SHIPPING for BOT-3000E orders in the contiguous 48 United States. Need help deciding? Here are the different tribometers [slip test meters] compared.

The BOT-3000E is specified for the ANSI A137.1 DCOF wet slip resistance test (or "AcutestSM") that is required for indoor ceramic tile by the current International Building Code, as well as the ANSI B101.1 (SCOF) and B101.3 (dynamic coefficient of friction slip resistance test). Ceramic Tile Institute of America endorses the Tortus and the Pendulum. In a study of nine types of tribometers at the University of Southern California Medical Center in which slip-and-fall experts from around the world participated, the Tortus received the highest rating; click here for details. SlipAlert has had very favorable reviews from British and Australian government safety research agencies. The static coefficient of friction method ASTM C 1028-07 is principally used for manufacturing quality control purposes rather than assessing slip resistance, but is sometimes specified as a poor indicator of slip resistance. We recommend using the Tortus or pendulum test instead, as these are more reliable and are recommended for slip resistance by Ceramic Tile Institute of America. We also recommend the BOT-3000E, as it has official ANSI test methods and safety standards.

BOT-3000E Binary Output Tribometer can measure both
static and dynamic friction, and with "smart" sensors is
the latest in floor friction technology (click on the photo
below for a 2 minute VIDEO demonstration)


Click on the photo below to see
VIDEO of the TORTUS in action (80 seconds): 

Click on the photo below to see
VIDEO of the PENDULUM in action (80 seconds):

Click on the photo below to see
VIDEO of SLIPALERT in action (50 seconds):


Here you will find a comparison of these tribometers/slip resistance test meters.

 Floor Slip Resistance Testing Video